This is a magic look for a special occasion or event 🙂 I said “magic” because this is the definition for a silver foil-y shimmer e/s IMO 🙂


Step 1 :

Start by priming your eyes. I applied with a
very light hand that beige color just above
the crease. It’s almost invisible, but this will
help you to blend the dark e/s easier. On the
inner corner and tear duct apply a white base.
Step 2 :

A metallic white e/s goes on your inner corner
and tear duct. Apply a grey base, just next to
white, on your lid and 1/3 of your lower lid.
Try to not overdo or it will be harder to blend
the next colors!
Step 3 :

Next e/s is a silver shade. Blend it well into white.
Then apply a soft black or dark grey. Be careful!
Don’t apply too much e/s, better reapply it, if
this will be needed.
Step 4 :
That’s how it should look like after blending
the darkest shade! You see how pretty it
fades above the crease?! Thanks to that beige
e/s from the 1st step! Use a brush like MAC 217
to create this shape. Blend with a light hand,
no pressure needed. 
Step 5 :

A grey-ish purple e/s apply on your lower lid.
With a light lilac e/s blend purple e/s with
white e/s.

Step 6 :
Line you upper lid with that soft black from
3rd step. Reapply the darker shade if needed.
Highlight your brow bone.

Apply a purple eye pencil on your waterline.
Add some lashes for more drama! You’re done!