ow you can create a great purple smoky eye without even using purple eyeshadow (yes you can!)

Purple and pink smoky eye makeup
Step 1. Prep the eyelid with a primer to ensure more vibrant and longer-lasting color.

What I UsedNARS Pro Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base

Applying NARS Pro Prime Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base

Step 2. Apply a shimmery light pink eyeshadow onto the eyelid from the lashline all the way to past the crease.

What I UsedYaby pp057 strawberry sherbert Pearl Paint Eyeshadow

Applying Yaby pp057 strawberry sherbert Pearl Paint Eyeshadow

Step 3. Using a dense eyeshadow brush like my newest must-have piccasso 239B, define the crease and lashline with a dark blue color.

What I UsedNARS Mandchourie Duo Eyeshadow II

Applying NARS Mandchourie Duo Eyeshadow

Step 4. Line the upper and lower lashlines with a black pencil.

What I Used: MAC Feline Eye Kohl

Applying MAC Feline Eye Kohl

Step 5. Soften the line by smudging the dark blue shadow on top with a small brush.

What I Usedink by Zing 13 Eyebrow Brush and NARS Mandchourie Duo Eyeshadow II

Purple smoky eye makeup tutorial

Step 6. Using MAC #226 Small Tapered Blending Brush, blend off harsh edges.

How to create purple smoky eyes

Step 7. Add a dab of the pink shadow on the center of the eyelid with a damp brush for an extra pop of color.

What I Used: Yaby pp057 strawberry sherbert Pearl Paint Eyeshadow

Step 8. Brush a frosty white shadow under the brow bone to highlight.

What I UsedPixi Ultimate Beauty Kit

Purple smoky eye makeup step-by-step tutorial

Step 9. Curl your lashes and coat with black mascara. Apply fake lashes as desired.

What I UsedEstee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara in Extreme Black and Jealousness Fake Lashes in Bewitched JS-507

Step 10. Keep your eyebrows soft by filling them in with a brown brow powder that is lighter than your natural brow color.

What I UsedAnna Sui Eyebrow Color Compact in 02 Yellow brown

Step 10. Clean up any eyeshadow fallouts before applying foundation and concealer and you are done!