Apply the blush on your cheekbone ,going upwards towards the temple.



Then take a fluffy brush such as this. This is Sigma E 40. Similar brushes to this one are MAC 224 or Inglot 4SS. I have tried highlighting with tons of different brushes but i have failed miserably. For me this brush works perfectly. I can control the amount of product I want to use with this brush and do a precise highlighting with this. You can try highlighting with other brushes as well but for me , this works beautifully.

highlight Pick up a highlighter. I am using Bobbi brown Shimmer Brick in bronze.

Start by picking up a little highlighter and you can always build it up.

You have to make an “inverted C” starting from just on top of your blush going inward to your brow arch. (check photos below)

Place your brush just above where you have placed your blush.
go upward..

highlight and into the brow bone stopping below your brow arch. Slightly move your brush left and right so that your highlight looks well blended with your skin and there are no harsh lines.


Now blend your highlight into the blush by doing downward strokes with the brush . This is just to avoid any harsh lines.
You can also highlight your nose. this will make your nose look taller. I mostly avoid this step.highlight

Highlight the center of your forehead.

highlight Cupid’s will give a define look to your lips.


Also your chin.