Before you sew together the front and back pieces of the top flap, add your lace/doily piece. Mine was an oval design that I cut in half. I just sewed it on following the scalloped hem.

Sew your front and back of the top flap pieces together, leaving the top side open for turning. Clip the corners, turn right side out, and press.
Fold the top edges to the inside and press.

Make sure to add your inside snap piece as well.

Sew the top flap to the top, back section of the clutch, just inside the edge. The top should overlap about 1″ but check your placement and make sure the flap snaps without pulling. If you need to, adjust the placement of the top piece before sewing.
Tack the inside top sections together to create a fold on each side.

Now if you want, add some flowers to one side in coordinating colors!

I am wearing a lot of these turquoise colors right now, so I think this will be a great clutch to carry – neutral but with a pop of color!

I think it has such a fun vintage feel . . .

And yes. My wardrobe almost entirely consists of cardigans, tops and jeans. Just in case you were wondering.