Row 1: Shiseido Black Noir, MAC Black Black, MAC Feline, Urban Decay Perversion, Urban Decay Zero, MAC Engraved
Row 2: MAC Smolder, MAC Graphblack, Milani Black, Stila Stingray, YSL #1, Bobbi Brown Black, Benefit BADgal

1.Shiseido Black Noir (BK 901) Smoothing Eyeliner Pencil has an amazing creaminess to it, and it is almost a true, deep black.

2.MAC Black Black Chromagraphic Pencil ($14.50), some creaminess but has some hardness (but not in a bad way–it’s not rough on eyes at all), and it is a true dark black — leans on the warm side.

  • MAC Feline Kohl Power is a rich, deep dark black that’s easy to smudge. It is a limited edition product, so it’s not currently available but is often repromoted.
  • Urban Decay Perversion 24/7 Liner is a rich, deep dark black–creamy without being runny.
  • Urban Decay Zero 24/7 Liner is a softened, medium black. It is a slightly warmer black on me.
  • MAC Engraved Powerpoint Eye Pencil is a darkened medium black.
  • MAC Smolder Eye Kohl is a dark black with cool leanings.
  • MAC Graphblack Technakohl is a medium black.
  • Milani Black Liquif’Eye Liner is a dark black with a cool pull.
  • Stila Stingray Smudge Stick is a dark black with neutral to cool undertones.
  • YSL #1 Eye Pencil is a rich black, almost ultra black, with a very matte finish.
  • Bobbi Brown Black Kohl Eye Liner is a rich, glossy black. The glossiness makes it look less inky, though.(faul D)
  • Benefit BADgal Liner is a creamy, dark black with warm leanings.
  • The darkest: MAC Black Black Chromagraphic Pencil, MAC Feline Kohl Power, Urban Decay Perversion 24/7 Liner

    Dark: Shiseido Black Noir Smoothing Eyeliner Pencil, YSL #1 Eye Pencil

    Medium-dark: MAC Smolder Eye Kohl, Milani Black Liquif’Eye Liner, Stila Stingray Smudge Stick, Bobbi Brown Black Kohl Eye Liner, Benefit BADgal Liner

    Medium: MAC Engraved Powerpoint Eye Pencil, MAC Graphblack Technakohl

    The lightest: Urban Decay Zero 24/7 Liner