The  Best of Nyx
Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencils: 
These chubby little pencils are great for bases under eyeshadow. ‘Milk’ makes colors pop  like its nobodys business and ‘Black Bean’ is great for a smokey eye Base
Nyx Cream Blushes: 
Theyv got a really great blendable formula and come in stunning color.’Glow’ is a great pink, Tea Rose is a pretty, earthy everyday kind of color and Natural is quite lovely too!
Nyx Powder Blushes:
 While they might not last too long, the range of colors they come in is just amazing. Mocha is a lovely dusty pinks for indian skin , Nyx Peach & Pinky are two great ones for lighter girls and Nyx Terracotta is a whole lot of golden shimmer for a night out!
Nyx Eyeshadow Base:
 Probably the best Budget eyeshadow base in the market currently. It really solves my creasing dilemma and makes colors show. It might not extend the wear of eyeshadow by too much, but since creasing is my main issue i like it !
Nyx Chrome Pigments: 
Ultra Pigmented and Silky Smooth, although slightly powdery. These pigments are must have’s if you are a Pigment Girl
Nyx Single Eyeshadows: 
At the price they come, they are very value for money. They are pigmented and blendable!
Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams:
 I love my Soft Matte Lip cream in Sao Paulo – it is a bright berry pink, intensely pigmented and long lasting. The Lip Creams are essentially the best of the lipstick and lipgloss world-pigmented like lipsticks and easy to apply and wet like lipglosses. It does settle into lines, but i can live with it..

The In Between 
Nyx Round Lipsticks: 
While i adore how incredibly creamy, smooth and pigmented they are, i find that they are slightly flimsy and dont last long at all. They also Melt easily and some of them have a tacky finish, However, Nyx Frappucino is one of my favourite nude lipsticks ever, so if i find a nice shade i definitely do buy these!!
Nyx Studio Liquid Liner: 
The colors that this comes in is just ‘Bananas!’. I have the extreme plum purple one and its stunning, but it doesn;t have the best finish. It does tend to crack up when its dry on your lid and peel off
Nyx Eyeshadow Palette: 
The only reason that they are in the ‘In Between’ section and not in the best section is that the quality differs from palette to Pallette. I love my ‘Nyx for Brown Eyes’ Palette, but  i have tried others which lacked in the pigmentation department and were slightly chalky. 
Nyx Brushes:
 Another consistency issue. Some are brilliant, and affordable…some are just too thick or too wide.
Nyx Round Lip Glosses:
 I like these a lot but they smell like detergent powder.

The Worst of Nyx
Nyx Nail Polishes: i have tried 3 and been dissapointed with all of them. WHile the end result loks good, its just streaky to apply and too thin. It gets patchy and untidy.
Nyx Loose Pearl Pigment:
 Its just too powdery,  but the main issue is that the packaging is so inconvenient that no brush fits inside the pack. So you need to take it out of the bottle (like how people take our supari in their hand..ick) to use it.
Nyx Lip Gloss Palette:
Just poor pigmentation, aweful waxy texture. There is no way i would recommend these pallettes!