). Shimmering Facial Whip £1.50

Image taken from eyeslipsface.com

I love these because they are so versatile, cheap and last ages. A little really goes a really really long way. I have citrus and camilia. I like both but I prefer citrus; the lovely ELF girls helped me chose it and it’s a wonderfully subtle shade on me which I can happily wear as a cream blush on it’s own or layer underneath powder blush to give the shimmer an extra oomph and staying power. I also use these as an eyeshadow primer, it makes the colours pop and ensures it stays put all day. I also dab a little on my cupid’s bow, arches of my eyebrows…anywhere really that needs a bit of highlighting!

2). Studio Cream Eyeliner £3.50

Image from eyeslipsface.co.uk

These little pots are amazing!! These were the first cream / gel liners I’d ever tried and I fell in love almost immediately. I thought they would be really fiddly, but no, these just glided on and once set, won’t budge. Since I bought my first one ELF have come out with loads more funky colours. I’ve since tried some other more expensive and high end brands and I much prefer my ELF ones!

3). Studio Complexion Perfection

Image from eyeslipsface.co.uk

I’ve raved about this product before in the past and I use it every single day. I’ve gone through about 3 of these already and will be needing another one soon. I’d be devastated if ELF ever stopped making these. Definitely one of my holy grail products. Click here to read my full review of this wonderful little compact!

4). Studio Powder Brush £3.50

Image from eyeslipsface.co.uk

I love love love love this brush and I know lots of people who would agree with me! I have about a dozen of these; I mainly use it for liquid foundations as it is incredible for buffing it in! It also works great with pressed powders, so I use it for buffing in my complexion perfection compact, pressed powder and I sometimes use it for applying blush as well! It’s a brush I think every girl needs.

5). Mineral Booster in Sheer £5.00 (large) / Studio HD Powder £6.00

Images from eyeslipsface.co.uk

I’m cheating a little bit here…I know this is technically 2 products…but I love both and I use both in the same way…these are setting powders and just give your skin an amazing glowing finish. I don’t think my skin has ever looked healthier! I tend to use the mineral booster on a regular day to day basis and the HD powder on nights out or events where lots of photographs will be taken. The reason for this is that the HD powder does look lovely, but it doesn’t come into its own until photos are taken, so I like to save it for such occasions.

6). Nail Polish £1.50

Image from budgetbabe.com

What can I say? Great polishes, great colours, great staying power and an amazing price. My current favourite is smoky brown, sooo pretty!

7). Luscious Liquid Lipstick £1.50

Image from eyeslipsface.co.uk

I think these are equally one of my favourite lip products ever. I have really dry skin and lips and have to be quite careful what products I use on my lips as I find a lot of things tend to be too drying for me. That’s why these are so perfect if you find that you get dry, chapped lips easily. They give you a lovely pop of colour whilst nourishing your lips.

8). Duo Eyeshadow £1.50

Image from eyeslipsface.co.uk

I have a massive eyeshadow addiction and these are adorable. The colours are really pretty and versatile, the shadows are pigmented and blend easily. I also like how the two colours correspond and match, I’m not very good at matching shadows, so these make the mornings so much easier for me! The little pot is also sturdy enough for me not to worry about them whilst travelling.

9). Eyelid Primer £1.50

Image from eyeslipsface.co.uk

I never put shadow on without this, it makes it so much easier to blend my shadow, lasts for ages and is an absolute bargain! Need I say more?

10). Studio Warm Bronzer £3.50

Image from eyeslipsface.co.uk

I actually have all 3 of the studio bronzers, but the warm one is definitely my favourite. The compact is well pressed, the powder very finely milled and gives you a wonderful fresh, glowing complexion. A little also goes a long way and mine from last summer is still going strong. I use this almost everyday.