his little project only requires the following supplies:
– 22 inches of 3/4″ wide grosgrain ribbon
– a few pears or beads – here 1/8″ pearls
– matching thread
– brooch pin or barrette and hot glue (Optional) 
For the flower
  • Cut 4  5&1/2″ long pieces of ribbon
  • Fold the ribbon pieces in 2&1/2″ long loop with the ends meeting in the center in a 1/4 inch overlap
  • Pin in each loop
  • Take 2 pieces and pin them at a straight angle
  • Repeat with the other 2 pieces
  • The place the two resulting cross at a 45 degree angle
  • With matching thread stitch all the layers together
By stitching a “box” you are pretty much assured to secure all the ribbon ends
For the beading:
  • Start at the center
  • Just loop the thread through the peal/bead hole
  • Make sure to position the beads so the hole is not visible before you tighten the thread
  • You only need to stitch through the first layer of ribbon


  • Stitch a circle of beads around the center bead
  • The number to sew may vary depending on the diameter of the beads used (5 to 7)
  • Stitch a second circle (will use about twice as many beads as the first one)


You can stitch it on clothing or …
Optional step: 
  • Hot glue a brooch pin or a barrette