It is dramatic but still wearable, at least for me. I’ve used warm metallic shades  . Hope you will enjoy it.

Step 1 :
Prime your eyes. Apply a thin layer of an
eyeshadow base on your eye as your e/s stick
better and for less fallout, especially if you’re
using mineral e/s.  After that apply Purple Sparkle
 Femi Cosmetics over your crease with a
MAC 217 or any other doomed brush.


Step 2 :
On the tear duct apply a light golden e/s from
120 e/s palette 3rd edition. Next is a golden e/s
called Metallic Golden Russ followed by Metallic
Sunset both by Femi Cosmetics. Blend them slightly. 


 Step 3 :
On the lower lash line apply Emerald Green
by Femi Cosmetics. Line your eyes like that
with gel eyeliner or whatever is more comfortable
for you. After that add some matte black e/s
in the crease. Blend it into purple. Highlight
your brow bone.


Step 4 :
Curl your lashes and apply mascara. I recommend
using false eyealshes as well for a really dramatic
look.  I’ve added some Crystal Ice by Femi Cosmetics
between my 2 wings in the outer corner of my eye,
but you can skip that 🙂 You’re done!

For the face : 

  • Skin79 Super Plus Hot Pink BB Cream (click here for review)
For the cheeks:
  • Physicians multi colored bronzer
  • 15 concealers palette (available in my store)
For the eyes:
  • Elf eye primer in pearl (click here for review)
  • NYX Jumbo in Milk and Black Bean (click here for review)
  • 120 colors e/s palette 3rd edition (click here to order yours in my store)
  • Elope e/s from Sigma Bare Eyeshadows Palette (click here for review)
  • Purple Sparkle, Metallic Golden Russ, Metallic Sunset, Emerald Green, Crystal Ice mineral e/s by Femi Cosmetics (click here for review)
  • Gel eyeliner in black, no name
  • Telescopic Explosion Mascara in Carbon Black by Loreal
  • E-bay false eyelashes which come 10 pairs in a box.