Step 1 :
Prime your eyelids. Then, with a sharpened black pencil
(kohl pencil or try to use a pencil that is not too dry and hard
and not too greasy), draw a line like this and with a small
flat brush blend carefully outward. You can repeat the process,
if you need to reapply the color. There should be just a thin
layer of black pencil, otherwise you’ll fail when you’ll move
to next steps.


Step 2 :

Over that thin layer of black pencil, goes a nice, warm
green shade. Use also a small, flat brush. Blend carefully,
to not mess it up!


Step 3 :

Again, using a small, flat brush, apply a lighter green
shade and blend the harsh lines.


Step 4 :

Apply a thin layer of white base and then:
#1 e/s apply on your tear duct; mix #2 and #3 and
apply them on the middle of your upper eyelid;
#4 e/s apply on the outer corner of your lid. These
colors are very close to each other, that helped me
to create a nice transition. It’s like a single e/s,
but slightly lighter on inner corner and a bit darker
on the outer corner.


Step 5 :

On your lower eyelid apply first that darker e/s, and
then apply over it that golden e/s, to add a beautiful
shine to this color.


Step 6 :
To add some depth to my crease cut, I’ve applied
a black e/s and blended it into green. Then lined my eyes
with a liquid eyeliner and highlighted my brow bone
with an e/s close to my skin tone.


Curl your lashes, apply mascara and add some lashes 😉


For the eyes:
  • Elf eye primer in nude
  • NYX Jumbo in Milk (on my waterline) and Black Bean (on my eyelid)
  • Elf Liquid Eyeliner in Black
  • Hard Candy glittery liquid eyeliner – Licorice
  • no name False eyelashes
  • 120 palette 3rd edition