The US market, as far as I know, has not yet been exposed to BB Creams. I imagine we are all somewhat obsessed with our skin within the US but I personally feel like the Asian population is more so and that obsession accounts for the mass amount of products released within Asian countries. For me and other skincare junkies this is pure nirvana!

One of the latest, greatest, popular, and hyped products to hit Korea are BB Creams which is short for Blemish Balm Cream. The craze began in Korea but has since hit Japan, China, Etc…

So what is a BB Cream anyway?

pink Blemish Balm Cream: What is a BB Cream?

BB Cream is pretty much the end all of foundation, concealer, moisturizer, etc….It’s a combined product that eliminates many products from your daily makeup routine and not only simplifies foundation but also offers key ingredients that we all look for in makeup and skin care.

BB Creams are highly moisturizing, contain SPF, have acne fighting and anti-aging ingredients, plus conceal and lay a foundation for your other makeup.

What BB Cream Eliminates from your daily routine:

  • Moisturizer

BB Creams are so highly moisturizing you may or may not wish to apply a moisturizer prior to using!

  • SPF

BB Creams contain doses of 25+ SPF so you don’t need an extra SPF product to protect your skin from harmless sun rays!

  • Acne Treatments, Lotions, Etc…

BB Creams contain active ingredients for fighting off problem areas!

  • Anti-Aging Lotions, Potions, Etc…

BB Creams contain anti-aging ingredients to prevent wrinkles and also treat any fine lines you may already have!

  • Concealer

BB Creams act as a concealer for concealing under eye circles, baggage, etc…It also concealsr acne, blemishes, red areas, etc…

  • Foundation

BB Creams act as a foundation for prepping the skin for makeup and creating a flawless finish to skin!

  • Whitening Lotions, Fluids, Etc….

BB Creams contain whitening agents to lighten the skin!

You can see why everyone is so hyper and excited about BB Creams. They are virtually the superman of foundation however they are not without their flaws.

bodybb Blemish Balm Cream: What is a BB Cream?

Your Muse has tried about 8-10 brands of BB Creams now and I’ve been disappointed about 95% of the time. BB Creams are NOT without one major problem.


misshasilver Blemish Balm Cream: What is a BB Cream?

My god Muse what do you mean?! They sound like skin care perfection!

The problem with BB Creams is color selection. BB Creams are not like foundation where you walk in and have an array of colors to choose from. Most BB Creams offer one color option only or sometimes, if you’re lucky, two color selections.

Right off the bat I’ll say if you’re a deeper, darker skin tone I’m highly doubtful that BB Creams will work for you although I can’t be sure as I don’t have experience with application on such a skin tone.

I’m fascinated with the excitement over a product that only comes in a dull beige color. Many Asian girls do have a yellow tone to skin and beige is not only unflattering on yellow tones but just, in my opinion, unflattering on ALL skin tones. Thus my amazement over the hype that surrounds the product in Asian countries. BB Creams are so pigmented that the color will look very unnatural on any and all skin tones at least this has been my experience with the brands I’ve tried.

diamond mini Blemish Balm Cream: What is a BB Cream?

Another surprising thing about BB Creams is the fact that they seem to be best suited to dry skin. I have many, many Asian friends and about 95% of them have oily skin. BB Creams do not dry matte in my personal opinion and they feel very moisturizing when on so I’m curious how those with oily skin feel about the formula and texture of such a product.

I was recently contacted by a reader who recommended me a few brands I hadn’t tried before that made some high end BB Creams. After discussing it with her I decided to give BB Creams a much needed revisit.

prestigebb Blemish Balm Cream: What is a BB Cream?

You won’t be hearing about the bad. When it comes to Asian cosmetics and skincare it’s difficult for the Muse to trash it. It’s simply too high quality to snark at which accounts for my lack of posts regarding BB Creams. However, I have decided I’ll start reviewing brands I have tried and the pros and cons of each. I’ll also have an upcoming review on a brand of BB that I do LOVE and again this is thanks to the reader that recommended it! That review is coming shortly so thank the gods we finally have a good BB Cream to rave about.

BB Creams are a welcome edition to the makeup world and an innovation in skin care and makeup that needs a bit of tweaking. The potential for greatness is already there and with a little work we’ll have pure perfection.


**the best one for oily skin I have found is Etude House Magic BB Cream. It leaves a slightly matte/velvet finish.
Laura Mercier is introducing a new tinted moisturizer that not only has SS but also some anti aging properties to it as well. So while not exactly like BB cream I believe some of the new TMs being released will try to capture the “spirit” of the BB cream from Asia.

***I mostly use Missha vita since it’s the closest match to my skintone but I like the coverage of BRTC better. I didn’t like Missha Shiny because it had too much shimmer and I’m not too crazy about shimmer. I tried Missha perfect cover in shade#23 but it was too dark for my skintone so I think shade#21 will be more suitable for my type.

***’m not really big on BB cream (Although I’m very lazy, still I love the idea of applying anything one by one, skin care, sun screen, then foundation, etc… For me, BB cream’s just for my super lazy day.) so I got only one so far and don’t think I need to try any more.
I have dry skin with pink undertone and I’m LM#1 and Guerlain#501. Since I live mostly in the sea-shore town, I found BB cream:
1. Doesn’t give enough SPF needed. I still need sunscreen anyway.
2. If apply too thick, it’s still a bit too rich during the day although as I said, I have dry skin.
3. When just applied, it will look yellow-gray, but if the amount applied is right, the color will just drop and adjusting to my skin.
4. If applied too much, the color won’t drop and gives me ghost-like face.
5. Doesn’t go well with any shimmer or whitening powder since it’s already “white & light” so unless you have a really pale skin, use a simple powder with a tad darker or a bronzer to tone the “brightening effect” down.
6. So far, the best method for me to apply BB cream is to use it sparingly then follow with face powder. Mine is Lola in porcelain or Coty air spun in Translucent. This combination works well for me. Anything with shimmer seems to be too strong.
I heard BRTC is a better brand for oily skin. Some of my friends love Lotree and Tony Moly.