ule #1: Colours advance or recede.
Bright colours advance and make an area appear larger! Dull & dark colours recede and make an area appear smaller!
For example:
  • To make smaller lips appear bigger, use a lighter colour with a gloss or shimmer.
  • To make large lips appear smaller, use a dark matte colour.
  • Wearing black will make you look skinnier and white will exaggerate that particular body part. For example, if I had a stomach and a smaller booty, I’d be wearing a black shirt and white pants.
Yap yap…
Rule #2: Colour steals colour
Ok.. listen… just because you have blue eyes and want to make your eyes pop even MORE… it doesn’t mean you gotta use blue eyeshadow.. you could opt for a purple eyeshadow [for true-blue eyes]. However, if you STILL prefer blue eyeshadow, remember to use a light shade of blue.
Because if you place a brighter blue next to a pale blue, the bright blue will definitely be the centre of attention, therefore will steal away the blue of your eyes instead of doing the opposite! Boo!
Rule #3: Colour reflect colours
Okay, so some colours DO reflect other colours better than stealing it.
Warm colours: red, yellow and orange
Cool colours: blue, violet and green
Saying this, if you happen to have acne or any red scars or skin conditions which causes redness, wearing a warm colour of clothing WILL reflect the redness in your skin.
Other examples:
  • A red lipstick with cool tone will make your yellow teeth appear whiter. Whereas, if you wear a red lipstick with a warm-tone based, your teeth will appear even more yellow. Boo!
  • A yellow shirt, even though not red, can make you appear more pink if you happen to have acne scars or couperose skin or even, a pinky complexion.
It’s hard spotting out if a lipstick shade has a cool or warm tone to it… however for Visual Arts students, it should be fairly easy. Here’s a good swatch picture I found on Google:
sourced >
Now.. we can’t have a condition or anything which gives us a green-ness or blue-ness, unless it’s bruises or dark-circles [still consider it please!].
Examples include:
  • If you have extreme dark circles, black eyeliner or eyeshadow on your bottom lash line should be avoided because this will make an emphasis on dark circles! Boo!
  • Paleness with a green tone… wearing blue, green or purple can make you look paler. So do opt for something with a warmer undertone.
Rule #4: Colours absorb colours
Dull colours will absorb more light than bright, shiny colours. Eg. If your hair is rough and greasy, it should appear darker than it really is.
^^ Ok, this rule, I don’t understand LOL Someone please explain.
That is all for today’s lesson! Thanks for reading guys! Hope this post helps you guys ALOT, because it DID help me LOL 😀 at least I know not to wear warm colours when I don’t conceal my redness! Yey!