If you have oily lids like me, just dust some loose powder on your lids or prim your eyes with some foundation / base and then dust some loose powder to make your lids matte. This would prevent the liner from smudging and would make it last longer.
pencil eyeliner

I am using the faces eyeliner pencil. You may use any eyeliner . I like the pencils that could be sharpened because that way I can sharpen the tip of the pencil and create the thinnest of lines. but whatever you prefer. :)

Faces Eye Liner

Start from the center of the lid and move your way out. Keep your pencil slanted, this will help move the liner easily on your lids. Make short strokes. You don’t have to draw the complete line in one go.

Go outwards…

Come inward. Keep the outer most corner thicker and you can retrace the liner on the outer corner to make it thick.

Now from the center extend the liner inward. You must keep in mind that as you go inward , you have to make a thinner line. So take your time. Keep your pencil pointed straight on your lid. This may help in achieving a thinner line.

eyeliner inwards

Now connect the line from the very inner corner of your eye to the center of the liner. (I should have made a little more thick line towards the center but I didn’t realize it until the very end of the tutorial. Very sorry for that. ) the line should be proportional moving form thick on the outer corner to thin on the inner corner.

inner corner

Now that you have traced the line, apply you liner in short strokes very close to your lashes. This would fix the parts where your skin would still be showing  near your eyelashes.close to lashes

Now coming to the lower lash line. Place your liner on the very edge of your lower lash line. Almost where your liner of the upper lash line is ending. It’s like you have to make a “V” on the outer corner of your eye.

Move inwards in short strokes.

undefinedGo till the inner third of the eye.


Go back to the outer corner and thicken it a bit.

undefinedNow using your ring finger very very gently start smudging your lower lash line. All you have to do is move your finger left and right on your lower lash line without putting any pressure. The liner would start fading itself.

smudge lower lash line


If you are not comfortable using your finger, use a pencil brush.

undefinedIt would look something like this:


Now the waterline. Take any black eye kohl. I am using MAC Feline Kohl.

Black Eye Kohl

If you have ever used surma in your life, you’d probably find this easy. I line my upper water line and lower waterline in one go.

Place the tip of your kohl flat on your eye. Don’t poke it in your eye, just place it almost on the center of your eyes. Close your eyes and move the pencil left and right.


My eyes started watering because I was holding the eye kohl too long inside my eye. I had to click so couldn’t help. Trust me, it’s very easy.


Curl lashes and apply mascara.

Now take some powder on flat brush:

powder on flat brush

and place it right on the edges of your liner. This would prevent the liner from smudging.


You can do the same thing on the upper lash line as well :)

and you are done! :) You can apply a light shimmer eyeshadow or eyeliner in the inner corner of your eye but for day time I like to leave it like that.