A sun-kissed look adds a different dimension to your entire appearance along with enhancing your complexion. That glow on your face gives you an appeal which makes you the most talked-about beautiful lady in the wedding party you are attending, but how would you get that ‘sun-kissed’ radiance on your face? Of course, you are not planning to paint your face in orange!!! Herein lies the significance of a bronzer. In this article, I am going to tell you how you should go about choosing the right shade of bronzer so that your skin tone retains its naturalness while you get the glam look of your dreams.

How To Choose The Right Bronzer

How To Choose the Right Bronzer For Your Complexion?


If you are looking for some general tips on how to choose the right bronzing powder / cream  based on the skin tone you have, here they are:

  • Well, if you are a dark skinned beauty, go for darker shades like chocolate color. Amber tones and tawny hues also look great! But make sure, that you do not end up choosing too much dark shades as it might look muddy.
  • Are you blessed with a medium skin tone? Go for the range of earth toned colors as they accentuate your complexion. Go for soft shades of copper, brownish pink, soft corals or even shimmery peach and gold! The color options are many and you just need to pick the shade you like best!
  • In case you are fair-skinned, you would look good with peach, rose, honey tones and beige-brown shades.
  • Do you have a pinkish skin tone? In that case, go for a bronzer with a touch of pink or cinnamon.
  • Shades of brown and matte gold go with almost every complexion type.

How To Choose The Right Bronzer – Basic Tips:

How to apply bronzer

  • When you are choosing a bronzer, go for a shade which is one or two shades darker than your original skin tone.
  • Always look into the predominant color as far as our makeup shades are concerned. For instance, if you are more into neutral colors, invest in a bronzer of earthy shade. Or say you have loads of peaches and corals, perhaps a peach-colored bronzer would look best!
  • Season changes and so should our dresses and makeup! It is common for us to see that our skin gets tanned in the scorching heat of summers; go for a dark shade of bronzer in those times.

How To Choose The Right Bronzer Based on Skin Type?


We all have different kinds of skin, ranging from the oily acne prone to the excessive dry type. Here are some tips for you to choose the right bronzer based on skin type:
• In case you have a dry skin, go for a creamy bronzer.
• If you have an acne-prone skin with oily zones everywhere, go for powder bronzer.
• For a combination skin, gel bronzers work best.
**Liquid bronzers are generally either cream base or gel based. Hence, choose wisely.

Thus, when you choose a bronzer for your skin, you just have to keep a few things in mind. With so many brands and shades to choose from, it is difficult to decide on a particular shade. Your complexion, skin type and makeup shades often play a determining role while you pick a bronzer. It is always a good idea to check in to a shop that allows you to try out from one of those trial packs so that you know how a particular bronzer looks on your skin. Use the back of your hand to see how well it blends. You can also carry the lipstick and eye shadow in the shades you use them most to match your bronzer with them. And last, but not the least, go for a shade which is a bit darker as compared to your skin tone.

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