How To Choose The Right Eyeliner

The eyeliner is one of the simplest and most readily available make-up products. Though the name of the eye liner may sound to be rather plain as compared to other bigger names in the world of make-up, when chosen wisely and used in the right way, an eye liner can go a long way in ensuring fuller lashes, shapely eyes and a total transformation in your appearance. With a variety of colors and types of eyeliners to be had, it is important that you pick the one which is best to suit your needs!

How to choose eyeliner

How To Choose the Right Eye liner Type?


When you visit your favorite cosmetic shop, you would find a range of eyeliners starting from the classic and hassle-free pencil eye liner to the extra-dramatic gel or liquid eye liner. Making the right choice could be difficult therein and hence, here are a few tips for you so that you can end up buying the right kind of eyeliner based on the kind of effect you want:

• If you wish to have an eyeliner which should be able to create a soft natural line along your eyes in easiest manner possible, go for a classic pencil liner. You get these eyeliners with water-resistant power so that your eyes are in perfect shape throughout the day!
• If you crave for a dramatic look and you are ready to practice and practice till you achieve the desired precision, go for a liquid eyeliner. It can be difficult to handle but, with a little practice, it gives you the eyes of your dreams!
• If you want the same dramatic effect as in case of a liquid eyeliner and you want something that has an amazing staying power, choose a cake eyeliner. Did you know that a cake eyeliner is the top choice with most of the make-up artists to create a celebrity look?

How To Choose the Right Eyeliner Color?


Eyeliners are available in range of beautiful shades and you are free to pick the one you like best! But before you choose an eyeliner color for yourself, check out the following tips:

• Are you someone who believes in a low maintenance look? Go for a taupe shade or a neutral brown color.
• For getting simple deep and dark eyes, choose a classic black or brown (in a dark shade) eyeliner.
• Do you want your eyeliner to make a dramatic look and you want your eyeliner to be the sole focus of your make-up? Go for bold metallic eyeliner shades.
• If you want your eyes to look bigger than its usual size while you are attending an evening party, invest in a white eyeliner or softer shades of silver and gold.

How To Choose the Right Eyeliner Color to Complement Your Natural Eye Color?

• If you are blessed with deep brown eyes, eyeliner in any hue would make you look perfect.


• If you have green eyes, black, brown and purple are your best bets! Other colors that you can experiment with are shades like dark green and taupe!


• When the color of your eye is naturally blue, nothing can be better than bronze or brown! However, if you are ready to work with eye shadows, you can also go for colors like violet, gray, taupe and blue! the only thing you need to ensure is that your eyeliner color should be a shade deeper that your eye color.


• Are your eyes naturally hazel colored? Go for shades like gold, brown, puple and bronze!


• Gray eyes are rare but they have a sense of mysterious beauty about them! Accentuate your gray eyes with colors like white, light pink and light orange. Dark black eyeliner also makes gray eyes stand out!


While these specific color schemes work best on eyes of these particular colors, here are a few eyeliner color tips of all-times:


• Black and dark brown are classic colors and when you invest in these shades, you are sure that they will never go out of fashion!
• Charcoal and navy colors are ever-green colors that define your eyes wonderfully!
• Shimmery silver eyeliners are always very ‘girlie’ and bring about a frivolous teenage look!
• Lastly, choose a reputed brand that allows you to have the desired shade of color! Eyes are precious and never compromise with the quality of your eye-makeup.